Commercial Air Conditioning Installations

Climate Care Systems in Market Harborough specialise in offering complete solutions for a temperature managed environment, not just air conditioning systems.  We offer our clients a complete climate control solution which will heat and air-condition the atmosphere to provide the optimum working environment.

All our engineers at Climate Care Systems are fully trained specialists in providing air conditioning systems, cooling, heating and ventilation to offices, shops and factories, undertaking regular training and certification courses as required ensuring we are always bang up to date with industry regulations.  Our engineers are REFCOM registered and trained to handle refrigerant gases.

Air-conditioning systems and climate control applications will enable you to control room temperature to provide your staff with a comfortable, temperature regulated working environment in both summer and winter, often from just one single air-conditioning unit.  A comfortable room temperature can contribute towards increased health and wellbeing and motivation and therefore increase productivity.

Server Rooms

Climate Care Systems are specialists in providing temperature controlled environments for server rooms and IT areas. It is critical to maintain computer equipment in a temperature controlled environment, and we can advise and supply you with an in-depth survey for your requirements.


We only work with well-established industry leaders including Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, using the very latest technology; ventilation systems are becoming the most efficient method of temperature control.


As climate control specialists we supply and install a range of systems including mobile air conditioning systems, all mounted and split level systems, floor and ceiling mounted equipment and ducted chilled water systems.  We also provide a full servicing and maintenance package for all types of air-conditioning systems, whether originally supplied by Climate Care Systems or not.


In order to keep your climate control system working as efficiently as possible, it is important that your air-conditioning system(s) is regularly serviced and maintained.  Climate Care Systems’ engineers will ensure that filters are cleaned or replaced as required, ensure there are no refrigerant leaks, and ensure that your system is operating at peak performance.

Our engineers are REFCOM registered and trained to handle refrigerant gases.

So keep cool and give us a call on 01858 461269
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Did you know that a stable temperature of 23 degrees C/ 74 degrees F is the most likely to generate maximum productivity in the workplace?

According to UK Government studies, going above or below this by just a few degrees will see productivity fall.

So with big changes in temperature going on outside across the year, what’s the best way to achieve constant workplace temperature inside?

The answer is air conditioning.

If you have an air-conditioning system already installed we offer a thorough annual service to keep your system working at maximum efficiency.

If you don’t have air-conditioning ask us about our free quotation service and our low energy units that are quick to install and inexpensive to run.

Harborough based Climate Care Systems have been operating in Market Harborough since the year 2000 and we’d like to make the year ahead your most efficient on record.