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Many homeowners find they are unable to use their conservatory all year round; conservatories are often far too hot on really sunny days, and freezing in the depths of winter.  With the installation of an efficient and cost effective air-conditioning system, you will find your conservatory is a delightful room to spend time in at any time of the year; whatever the weather is doing outside you will always be comfortable.  With rapid heat-up and excellent air circulation, your conservatory will warm up quickly in the coldest winter and provide comfort cooling on really hot days.

Did you know that a modern unit is an Air Source Heat Pump and will heat in winter, converting 1kw of electricity into 3-5kw of heating?

In the home it is often not just conservatories that can benefit from one of our efficient air-conditioning systems.  Many homeowners have systems installed in bedrooms and living rooms to both heat and cool rooms as required thereby providing all year round comfort in the home.

Climate Care Systems engineers will carefully survey your property to calculate your optimum cooling and heating requirements and offer you a detailed, no obligation solution.  Our engineers take great care with each and every installation and are proud of the excellent reputation gained over the years.

The really good news is that VAT is charged at only 5% as a consequence of our systems’ unique green credentials.

Our teams at Climate Care Systems are always on hand to maintain, service and repair air-conditioning systems to give you peace of mind that your home system is operating efficiently at all times.  We can even offer you extended warranty on the installation of every brand new system.

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Sam, our installation engineer, is very proud of his neat handywork and the customer is absolutely delighted to be able to fully control the environment in his Sun Room.

Does your conservatory get too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer?

If so, air-conditioning is the answer to the extra space in your home that you’ve been looking for.

Harborough based Climate Care Systems can install an air source heat pump air-conditioning unit in your conservatory (or garage or summer house). It keeps the temperature throughout the year and uses much less energy than you think.

The cost?

Only £1,290 including VAT and installation. It’s a small price to pay for reclaiming all the extra space in your home that you will now be able to use all year round.